3 Natural Tricks To Help Reduce Acne

The following techniques are recommended in addition to your normal acne routine to help better improve your acne:

In the case of some adults, the skin on their face is totally normally and blemish free. But for the few that suffer from adult acne, the value placed on blemish free skin definitely is high. Our face is the first thing people notice when they meet us first time, and more or less, the better our appearance, the greater our confidence. It is therefore not a wonder why some people find themselves actively jumping from one product to another, in hopes to find the best means of treatment.

Natural acne treatments, as a result, became sidelined as people were trying one product after another. Here are some natural acne treatment ideas that you can apply, either in conjunction with your current means of treatment, or on its own.

Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water

This sounds pretty much a “duh” statement. But one of the best ways that can aid in your treatment process is to just drink 8 glasses of water a day. Do not drink it all at once though, or else your time would be spent in the bathroom (another “duh” statement). Water is vital because it helps the toxin removal process in the body, and we all know, toxins are a cause of acne. And in any case, drinking of more water can also refresh your body and make you feel better!

Maintain A Healthy Diet

The world of medical science has often discussed the relevance of diet vis-à-vis acne, and it was not until recent times that the link between diet and acne has finally been established. A diet high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is obviously the best way to go. You would also want to fill your diet with foods containing vitamins A and E, because a deficiency in these two vitamins is known to cause acne. Zinc is also a good mineral to have in your diet because it is also known not only to help prevent adult acne, but also scarring.

What About Fasting?

This is a controversial point that many people have considered as a means of treating acne. But fasting, as we all know, will definitely help in the body’s toxin removal processes. As such, you may want to try fasting to treat your acne (consult medical professional before doing this). One famous method (from author Charles Gibson) known worldwide that helps acne is known as the “apple fast.” Essentially, all an individual going through the fast eats in the course of three days is apples, and all he drinks is plain water. Reports have been shown that this method helped people clear their acne well in three days.

So here are the three tips that we covered in this article about dealing with acne with natural acne treatments, namely drinking of 8 glasses of water in a day, changing your diet and fasting. Keep your mind open to various means of treatment, and seek professional advice if you ever need it. I wish you all the best in clearing your skin of acne!